Is Lance Wyman available for interviews or collaborations?
Yes, Lance is available for interviews and collaborations on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at to discuss potential opportunities.

How can I contact Lance Wyman for speaking engagements or workshops?
You can make your request by emailing us at

Can I purchase prints of Lance Wyman’s work?
Limited edition prints are available for purchase in our “Shop” section.

Do the posters come with a frame?
No, the frame is not included.

How do I safely uncurl the print without damaging it?
Prints often have a tendency to curl naturally after being removed from the tube. If you plan to frame it, there’s no need to flatten it manually, as it will naturally straighten within the frame.

However, if you don’t intend to frame the poster, you can follow these steps to flatten it:
1. Gently curl the poster in the opposite direction.
2. Secure the two ends with rubber bands.
3. Allow it to sit for a couple of hours. Be cautious not to leave it curled for too long, as this may necessitate repeating the process in the opposite direction.

Alternatively, you can lay the print flat on a table and place heavy books at each end. Leave it like this for a day or two, and it should gradually settle and become flat.

How are the prints packaged?
All of our prints are meticulously packaged to meet the highest professional standards:

1. We utilize heavy-duty shipping tubes equipped with plastic end-caps, which are double-secured using shipping tape.
2. The tubes are generously wide, ensuring that the prints do not need to be tightly rolled, thus preventing any crease marks.
3. To provide ample margins and prevent the print from coming into direct contact with the end caps, our tubes are designed with sufficient length.
4. Inside the tube, each print is expertly rolled and enclosed within a protective plastic envelope for additional safeguarding.
5. Most importantly, our rolled prints do not “float” or bounce within the tube because they are not bound with tape, rubber bands, or any other materials. We allow them to naturally uncurl against the inner wall of the tube, maintaining a snug and secure fit while protecting the edges from movement.

My print arrived creased and/or torn. Do you offer a replacement?
Replacement orders are handled on an individual case, please contact us at as soon as you receive your order and we will review it. In the case your poster arrives damaged, we will request a picture of the print and we will communicate with you directly to establish whether or not we will replace it.

What payment methods do you accept?

For customers in Mexico, we exclusively accept PayPal payments as our sole payment method.

For customers outside of Mexico, we accept both credit cards (excluding American Express) and PayPal payments. We do not accept bank transfers or Bitcoin at this time.

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