Introducing Wyman “W” Prints



I have launched two limited edition prints on sale exclusively through my new online shop.

Throughout my career I’ve been asked repeatedly for prints of my work but I don’t have many examples to sell. These new editions will allow people to own an original piece of my work.

Two limited edition print runs of the Wyman “W” are now shipping worldwide:
100 in red and blue (the original colors of the 1979 print) and another 100 copies in black and white. The serigraphy prints on 300gsm paper are each signed and numbered by me in non-fading ink.

They were produced by Ojo Ediciones in Mexico City, where they will be shipped from.


The Wyman “W” was conceived in 1979 when I was invited to contribute a typographic design to a group exhibition in Mexico. Shortly after, I developed the design further and it became the logo for Lance Wyman LTD, my first solo studio. The concept behind the design appears simple, but it took several iterations to make it ‘sing’.

Given that I was well known for my wayfinding projects I wanted to integrate an arrow into the design and this led to it having a certain sense of motion to it. Subsequently, that motion led me to the looped forms. 

I also thought that it should be linear, since so many people are familiar with my work on the 68 Olympics. Gradually it started to come together and feel like a good fit for me and my work.


Wyman “W” Print in Black and White.


Wyman “W” Print in Red and Blue.


Find the W Prints here.

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